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Construction Management

Rockside General Contractors takes pride in being well respected in commercial construction management. The majority of our construction projects come directly from clients, architects and designer referrals, as we deliver a great space at a fair rate.

The success of Rockside General Contractors construction management is based on our dedication to superior quality and performance; our ability to understand our clients in a professional, service-oriented manner; and our resourcefulness to get the job done on time and within budget.

We feel that when details are managed efficiently, excellence is the result. Excellence, in turn, assures the solid, rewarding, long-term client relationships that keep our clients coming back and referring us to others.

Setting Expectations and Identifying Trade-offs

We actively work with our clients to set clear expectations and to understand what they need in terms of level of service. Jointly we agree on the high-level requirements, such as:
• Scope of project
• Level of quality wanted and if trade-offs are needed to meet budget
• Timeline for completion and if there are any specific milestones that need to be met
• The budget

We understand that every project has different requirements, whether it’s office space, retail space, a warehouse or health care facility and coordinate the construction project management to accommodate requirements for each and to meet client expectations.

Construction Management Approach

Our approach to project management allows us to complete projects on time and within budget. Our construction process incorporates scientific principles, applied in a highly skillful way in order to transform designs into reality.

We have a solid reputation for quality workmanship, getting the job done in the time allotted and an efficient manner. And we do not stop until the job is finished as per the specifications agreed upon and the client is happy.

Construction Management Resources

Rockside General Contractors manages construction projects and has experts from all related fields as employees or sub-contractors. We provide “one-stop shopping” for your construction project, from beginning to end and can manage all aspects of your construction project.

We have an extensive array of resources available to effectively manage commercial projects and oversee all aspects of managing the project. We combine the traditional values needed for building commercial projects with modern technology to monitor every aspect of a project including planning, scheduling, selection, labor/materials acquisition, cost management and supervision.

Contact Russ Cameratta at 239-292-5403, for more information on our commercial construction services.

Photos of a few of our construction management projects.

Construction_Management-Preserve-Corkscrew_Front Elevation Dusk
Constuction_Management_Pool_Deck_Outdoor Fireplace
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