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Certified General Contractors

As your certified contractor, Rockside General Contractors is responsible for the overall coordination of a project. As a general contractor, we must first assess the project-specific documents (referred to as bid, proposal or tender documents). In the case of renovations, a site visit is required to get a better understanding of the project.

What is a “Certified General Contractor?

According to the Construction Industry Licensing Board in Florida, in general the term “contractor” means the person who is qualified for, and shall only be responsible for, the project contracted…for compensation, undertakes to, submits a bid to, or does himself or herself or by others construct, repair, alter, remodel, add to, demolish, subtract from, or improve any building or structure, including related improvements to real estate, for others or for resale to others…

A “certified contractor” means any contractor who possesses a certificate of competency issued by the department and who shall be allowed to contract in any jurisdiction in the state without being required to fulfill the competency requirements of that jurisdiction. Certified contractors are designated by an occupation code, which begins with the letterC“.

Before breaking ground, general contractors are required to obtain building permits from local governmental agencies regulating construction processes in the area, as well as verify and have existing utility lines marked, either by the utilities themselves or through a company specializing in such services. This lessens the likelihood of damage to the existing electrical, water, sewage, phone, and cable facilities, which could cause outages and potentially hazardous situations.

During the construction of a building, we meet with building and fire department inspectors, who inspect the building periodically to ensure that the construction adheres to the approved plans and building/fire codes. Once construction is complete and a final inspection has been passed, local authorities issue an occupancy permit.

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