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Commercial Construction

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Looking for a reputable commercial construction company that can deliver a great space at a fair rate?

Rockside General Contractors is proud that many of our commercial construction projects are for “repeat clients” who come back to us for additional projects knowing they will receive superior quality and service.

Our pledge to quality is evident throughout every aspect of our commercial construction projects from the selection of materials to the skilled labor required, both in the office and with our craftsmen in the field, which aids in our ability to deliver a great space at a fair rate.

We work proactively with our clients and take a good, hard look at what they want and need in terms of new construction or a renovation project. We believe a well-defined plan sets the tone for success, whether it’s an office building, restaurant, hospital, retail, industrial or mixed-use space.

At Rockside General Contractors, we dig in and ask questions and want to uncover all requirements from our clients’ point of view, as we feel it is critical to the success of the project and ultimately the happiness of our clients.

We help set clear expectations with our clients about want vs. need in terms of the service level, the scope of work they’re looking for, the level of quality wanted, safety, the schedule and, of course, the budget.

We understand that every project has different requirements, whether it’s office space, retail space, a warehouse or health care facility, and coordinate the construction project management to accommodate requirements for each and to meet client expectations.

Commercial Construction Statistics – United States

In 2014, in the United States, the commercial building industry annual revenue was approximately $340 billion, which was about the same as residential construction. Government building construction equated to approximately $280 billion in annual revenue according to statistics tracked by the Census Bureau.

Commercial Construction Statistics –Lee County, Florida

In Lee County, Florida, general commercial building activity in March 2015 has increased when compared to the same month last year. Commercial building activity was valued at nearly $13.9 million for 21 permits, compared to more than $45.8 million the previous month and more than $1.4 million in the same period last year.

February 2015, was unusual as commercial permits included $28 million in interior completion of the Hertz corporate headquarters building at 8501 Williams Road, Estero. Commercial permits also included nearly $13 million for a “ Memory Care and Assisted Living Facility” with 44 residential units being built by Lee Memorial Health System on Cypress Cove Dr.

Lee County Community Development oversees planning, zoning, development and building services, environmental review, building inspection, and code enforcement for the unincorporated areas of Lee County. Lee County Community Development issued 4,454 permits of all kinds during March 2015.

Types of Construction

Construction generally falls into nine categories:
1. Commercial building construction
2. Residential building construction
3. Light commercial construction
4. Multi-family construction
5. Health-Care construction
6. Environmental construction
7. Industrial construction
8. Institutional construction
9. Heavy civil construction

Each type of construction project requires a unique team to plan, design, construct and maintain the project. Rockside Contractors specializes in commercial building construction delivering a great space at a fair rate.

Please contact Russ Cameratta at 239-292-5403, for more information on our commercial construction services.

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