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Rockside General Contractors

Rockside General Contractors, a Fort Myers, Florida-based general contractor and construction management company, is dedicated to excellence in construction and committed to relationship, value and performance. Russ Cameratta founded the company in 2013 and serves as the CEO. Dennis Baron is the President of Rockside General Contractors. We build and manage construction projects throughout Southwest Florida, including Ft. Myers, Cape Coral, Tampa, and Naples.

Our highly skilled team of contractors, estimators, project managers, and field crew orchestrate and implement all phases of construction with efficiency and integrity.

Rockside General Contractors strives to provide our clients with services that exceed their expectations while developing long lasting relationships.

We pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship, superior customer service and exceptional care in creating beautiful, functional spaces, as well as completing projects on time and within budget.

Construction is our “day job”

Rockside General Contractors is well versed in the day-to-day construction activities. For example, we know how to engage qualified subcontractors, ensure that they arrive at the right time, in the right order, with access to the right materials.

We also secure any necessary permits, build to the specifications of the plans and local building codes, and schedule the inspections by various agencies that must be completed before work can continue.

Rockside General Contractors utilizes the “attention to the details” approach

From the blueprints to the finishing touches our construction team believes that its success is based on the paying attention to every detail throughout construction process.

First we learn what you want to achieve, and then provide cost estimates and alternatives you may not have considered. Close collaboration with construction engineers result in cost optimization while maintaining quality.

Rockside General Contractors has significant experience in the actual construction process

Construction itself is a complex activity. Although our subcontractors provide specific expertise in areas like pouring foundation and wiring the building, we are the ones who manage the overall process from start to finish.

Rockside General Contractors has the relationships to get the job done

When you hire us, you also obtain access to a specialized network of information and resources. We have well-established relationships with reliable subcontractors like electricians and plumbers, and familiarity with the time it takes to complete various phases of the building process.

Our clients also benefit from the higher scheduling priority given to us by our subcontractors, as we use their services on an ongoing basis.

Rockside General Contractors possesses deep knowledge about building construction codes and various legalities

Construction in virtually all jurisdictions is regulated by building codes, primarily for the purpose of providing minimum standards of health and safety for the public.

As general contractors, we deal with building codes on a daily basis, and have learned the best and fastest ways to comply with the maze of rules and requirements. However, building codes are just the tip of the legal iceberg when it comes to construction.

We also carry both worker’s compensation and liability insurance to protect clients from any unfortunate events.

Finally, we provide warranty for our work and are ultimately responsible for quality of the project.

Contact Russ Cameratta at 239-292-5403, for more information on our construction services.